Show List

I have also worked in development on a number of projects. Please contact me for information.

Susie-chan & Marvy TV series Episode Director
Wakuwaku Mutan TV series Tech. Director
Lost Universe TV series 3D animation scenes
Ghost in the Shell  Game Animation Compositing
Quo Vadis 2 Game Animation Supervisor
Madou Monogatari Game Animation Tech. Director
Grandstream Saga Game Animation Tech. Director
Kyoushin Senki Game Animation Tech. Director
Southern Wind OVA Compositing, cels
Genocyber 1-3 OVA Inbetweens, cels, BG
Doomed Megalopolis (Teito Monogatari) OVA BG
Moldiver OVA BG
Darkwing Duck TV series BG
SWAT Kats TV series BG
Diary of Mikan TV series Inbetweens, cels, BG
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (series #2) OVA  Inbetweens, cels
Bubblegum Crash 1-3 OVA Inbetweens, cels
Shurato OVA Cels
Locke the Superman OVA Production
RikiOh 2 OVA Production Manager
Tottoi Feature Film Production
Sam & Chip's Big Adventure OVA Production
A Duck Called Quack TV series Production, Cels
Bouken Shite Mou Ii Goro OVA Cels
Koiko no Mainichi OVA Production
Hoshi Neko Full House OVA Production
Ranma 1/2 TV series Camera
Transformers Victory TV series Inbetween check
Raiger TV series Inbetween check
Patlabor  3, 6 OVA Inbetweens
Blood (The Last Vampire) Feature Film Directorial Consultant; English script
The Flower Song (4 Heroes) Music Video Directorial Consultant. compositing
Masters of the Sixth Speed Advertisement Anime Consultant