Guest Information


Why would you want me as a guest/speaker?

  1. Superior Programming - my programming has been developing since the first anime con I went to, in 1993 thus has a solid foundation as well as being being ever-evolving. I have been teaching art since 1989 in a variety of modes and media such as drawing, painting, animation, computer graphics, and general creativity. My programming is informative, stimulating and fun. Check out my Programming Info page for details.

  2. Experience - I've been involved with the anime industry for 27 years and have been going to cons for over 20 years, to over 250 events. I have a lot of life experience and a wide range of knowledge. That being said, I'm not a boring old fogey who goes to sleep at 9 pm and doesn’t know about anything new.. Contact any of the conventions listed in the Schedule section of my home page for references.

  3. Professionalism - I treat cons and events with the same respect and professionalism I bring to my work. I am prompt and efficient and I respect my programming audience, the convention and any programming before and after mine. I treat everyone - attendees, staff, hotel staff, other guests, press, and everyone else - with respect. No drama!

  4. Unique and Fun - there is definitely no other guest like me.

What I Do

  1. Bullet Director (監督)

  2. Bullet Producer (プロデューサー)

  3. Bullet Manga Artist (漫画家)

  4. Bullet Technical Director (演出)

  5. BulletWorked in almost every postion in the anime industry

  6. BulletHelped transition studios to digitally assisted animation production systems

  7. BulletArt and creativity teacher since 1989

  8. Bullet Translator (anime & manga)

  9. Bullet Computer Animation Expert and Consultant

  10. BulletHad my own animation studio in Bangkok, Thailand, with a crew of 50, working on shows for Japan and the US

  11. BulletTrained thousands of people throughout the world in the art of traditional and digital animation systems.

  12. BulletFounded Voices For, a charity that works with members of the anime and comics industry to create fundraising products.

I am not a voice actor but I have directed many of them.
   As a Director and Producer, I work with the entire process from storyboards through the animation process through post-production to final output so I control the whole thing and voice recording is one small part of the larger whole.

List of things I worked onJans_Production_List.htmlJans_Production_List.htmlJans_Production_List.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1

I have endeavored to list my requirements in a reasonable manner below and if you have any questions or want to negotiate I am happy to help. I work hard to be a good, low cost, low maintenance, high return, drama-free guest.