Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We want you to come to our event/con! What do we do?

    I would love to hear from you! Please see my Guest imvitatiion page (Events above)  and/or send mail to my booking agent. (See on left.)

  1. We would like you to speak at our school.

    I am always happy to speak at schools. Please email my personal address on the left.

  1. I want to interview you!

    Please email me at my personal address or message me on Facebook any time!

  1. Will you translate something for me?
       I will be happy to discuss the possibility, schedule and rates. Please email my personal address.

  2. Will you review/critique my artwork?
       If I have time and you can see me in person, usually at a convention, then I will.

  3. I want to go to Japan and work in the anime/manga/games industry. How can I do it?
         Please read my Working in the Animation Industry in Japan pages, which contain the sum total of my knowledge about this subject. . My apologies if the information is out of date but I have not lived in Japan for some time and things have changed. The single most important thing is to become fluent in the language, which can take a few years if you're going from zero.

  4. How can I get a job as a voice actor in the US for Viz, Funimation, etc.?
       Please contact those companies for more information. I have no business connection with voice acting so I can’t help you.

  5. I have a great idea for an animated series/movie/OVA. Can you review it and give me comments?
       Good for you! Sorry I can’t help. Good luck!.

  6. Are there any schools outside Japan that teach anime-style animation?
       Not to my knowledge. It wouldn’t make sense to as the only jobs using those techniques and technologies are in Japan.

  7. Are there schools in Japan that teach anime/manga?
       There are trade schools which teach the basic production method used in Japan. They;re designed to get an entry level job in a studio doing assistant animator work and coloring. There is no gurantee and it’s a lot of money to get a job that pays very little for a long time.

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